Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Speech, language and communication difficulties can impact on children in different ways. Some children may display emotional and behavioural problems, find school life extremely tough and have difficulties forming close friendships.

Speech and Language Therapists in Swindon are employed by Swindon Borough Council, but also see children as part of the Early Support Pathway and Salt Way Speech and Language Therapy Services.

Most children who are referred will be offered an appointment in a local clinic that is situated as close as possible to their home. There is no cost to parents for this service.

The Salt Way Speech and Language Therapy Services

The Salt Way Children’s Centre offers speech and language therapy to all children (up to the age of 18) who may benefit from it.  For children with special educational needs and disabilities, there is a team of dedicated specialists who are trained to work with children suffering from a range of conditions, including hearing impairment, those with autistic spectrum conditions and Down’s Syndrome, to name a few.

The therapists see children who may have difficulty with any of the following:

  • Speech sounds (pronunciation)
  • Talking (saying words and sentences)
  • Understanding spoken words and sentences
  • Interacting with others
  • Stammering
  • Swallowing, eating and drinking

The Centre’s qualified speech and language therapists will make an effective assessment and diagnosis and devise a care plan to meet a child’s individual needs.

Where do Therapy Sessions Take Place?

Therapy sessions take place in a variety of settings such as:

  • Mainstream school (including Specially Resourced Provisions)
  • Special school
  • Health centre or surgery
  • Home
  • Hospital
  • Pre-school/nursery
  • Some children’s centres

How to Obtain a Referral for Your Child

Anyone can refer a child to the speech and language therapy service, including parents and carers, although it is advisable to speak to your child’s health visitor or staff at your local children’s centre before making a referral. 

Visit the  Speech and Language Therapy  website for information on getting a referral for your child.

Locations Where SALT Clinics are Held


The Salt Way Children’s Centre, Pearl Road, Middleleaze, Swindon SN5 5TD
Wroughton Health Centre, Barrett Way, Wroughton, Swindon SN4 9LW
The Children’s Resource Centre, Gladstone Street, Swindon SN1 2AN

Central South
Eldene Health Centre, Colingsmead, Eldene, Swindon SN3 3RZ
Goddard Park Children’s Centre, Goddard Park Primary School, Welcombe Avenue, Swindon SN3 2QN

Butterflies Children’s Centre,  Abbey Meads School, Hugo Drive, Abbey Meads, Swindon SN25 4GY 
Saplings Children’s Centre, Grange Infant School, Delamere Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon SN3 4XE
Ladybird Children’s Centre, Westrop Primary School, Rivers Road, Highworth SN6 7DN
The Multi Agency Unit on the site of Uplands and Brimble Hill Special Schools, Tadpole Lane, Swindon SN25 2NB

Central North
Greenmeadow Children’s Centre, Greenmeadow Primary School, Pen Close, Swindon SN25 3LW
Penhill Sure Start Children’s Centre, Everleigh Road, Penhill, Swindon SN2 5HB
Swindon Academy, Beech Avenue, Pinehurst, Swindon SN2 1JR

Joining a Children’s Centre

To find your nearest family centre please see the following page.


For further information, please visit Swindon’s Speech and Language Therapy Services

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