Emotional and Mental Health

At times parents may become concerned about their child’s emotional wellbeing or mental health. They may feel that their child needs additional support from a mental health service.

Services in Swindon for mental health are provided by the targeted mental health service (TaMHS) and the child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). All referrals for mental health support come to a Single Point of Access (SPA), referrals to this SPA are made by a professional who knows your child. This could include GP, teacher or social worker. This service does not accept self-referrals, however if the concerns are related to an Eating Disorder please make a telephone call directly to TaMHS to ensure that there is no delay in referral being screened. The SPA deals with requests for all mental health interventions including specialist services (i.e. CAMHS and LD CAMHS).

TaMHS are a part of the Integrated Locality Service for Children and Young People, providing services for young people up to age 18 years and their families. The team is multi-disciplinary and includes Clinical Practitioners and Outreach workers who are skilled in working with mental health.

TaMHS will offer short-term interventions tailored to meet the needs of each child, young person and family. We work on an individual basis, or with families, using evidence-based interventions. We also provide Parenting Support through The Family Links Nurture Programme and Talking Teens.

We aim to work in settings that are easily accessible and familiar to children and families, such as schools, Locality bases and family homes.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS in Swindon is provided by Oxford Health NHS FT and works with young people and their families up to the age of 18 years.

CAMHS is a multi-disciplinary team which includes a range of therapists, mental health clinicians and psychiatrists. We provide assessment and treatment of young people who are presenting with significant mental health difficulties. We offer a range of choices of therapy and will work with you after assessment to help you choose the therapy which will be most beneficial. We offer a choice of interventions that may be one to one but could also include families and sometimes groups. We may also work with the network around your young person and can offer consultation to those already working with your young person or family.

We also have a service which works specifically with young people with mental health needs who also have a learning disability (LD CAMHS).

We work using the Care Program Approach which means that your treatment with CAMHS will be monitored and reviewed with you regularly to ensure we are meeting the goals that you have set. CAMHS works within the THRIVE model framework meaning that we provide a needs led service so that young people can access the right help at the right time and be able to make choices about the therapy and intervention they are having.

We are a community-based service which means we can offer appointments in our clinic at Marlborough House and in community settings for example schools, GP surgeries and homes.


How to Access CAMHS

If you think you or your child needs to see someone from TaMHS or CAMHS, the first step is to talk to a teacher, school nurse, social worker or your GP. They will ask you some questions about your situation and how you are feeling and if they decide that you should speak to mental health services they will write a referral explaining why they feel it would be helpful for you to have an appointment. This referral will go to the Single Point of Access (SPA) which is jointly run by TaMHS and CAMHS. All referrals are screened and the most appropriate service is identified and you will be sent a letter detailing the next steps. This could include being invited for an assessment with TaMHS or CAMHS or signposting to a service which is better suited to meet the needs of your young person/family. If your child is aged 16 or over, they may be seen on their own and we may write to them directly.




On Trak Youth Counselling Service

 On Trak Youth Counselling Service  provides free advice, support and services to young people in Swindon between the ages of 14-19 (at the time of referral), who are experiencing a mental health problem or emotional distress.

An appointment can be made via phone by the person needing the service, or by parents and carers. Following the initial appointment when an assessment will be made, the young person may be offered short, medium or long-term one-to-one counselling, usually on a weekly basis. Where appropriate, they may also be referred or directed to other support services.


Swindon Mind

Swindon Mind offers one-to-one appointments to explore possible solutions to someone’s emotional distress and to identify their strengths and skills to aid their recovery.

They also offer group sessions on different aspects of mental health, including stress solutions, increasing self-esteem and promoting relaxation.



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