Health Assessment

A health assessment forms part of the statutory assessment process to ascertain and understand your child’s special educational and health needs in order to create a tailored care plan.

Outreach nurses assist school nurses in preparing health plans and advice from the hospital is sought as needed.

Health Assessment Process in Swindon

Once a need for a health assessment has been identified by a parent and/or teacher, the Local Education Authority sends a referral letter to the paediatric team at the Great Western Hospital.

An appointment will then be made for the child to see of the community paediatricians. In general, this appointment will last approximately 40 minutes. The child’s history will be evaluated and specific needs identified, particularly those that could interfere with a child’s progress in school.

It is important to reassure your child that this appointment is an informal, friendly meeting and does not involve any invasive tests.

Following the appointment, your child’s paediatrician will write a report covering the following areas:

  • Physical/motor skills
  • Self-care: the child’s level of independence
  • Emotional and behavioural needs
  • Communication
  • Sensory needs
  • Health needs/conditions e.g. Epilepsy, ADHS, cancer, allergies, vision, hearing, medication etc.

The report is sent to the Special Education Needs Assessment Team (SENAT), following which an evaluation is made based on all the reports received from the various professionals involved in your child’s care. An individual health care plan is then created, which will involve school nurses and, if necessary, other health professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists.

If You Have a Concern about Your Child’s Care Plan

The ultimate decision of the local education providers is beyond the jurisdiction of the paediatricians.  If parents have any issues with their child’s care plan, they cannot contact the paediatricians directly, but should seek advice from the designated Lead Professional or the Swindon Parent Partnership Service. 






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