Strategic Governance

Moving forwards it is our priority to build on what has been achieved so far, embed the right technical changes, learn from the experience of children, young people, their families and practitioners to improve practice and secure organisation and cultural change.

A New Organisational Structure


organisational structure


The work streams translate strategy into action, enabling the Board to sharpen its focus on strategic leadership.


SEND Strategic Board

Leadership and overall strategic responsibility for support for SEND:

  • To secure the organisation and cultural change needed to build trust and confidence cross the system and significantly improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND.
  • To ensure that the technical changes are embedded.
  • To ensure that all partners learn from the experience of children, young people, their families and practitioners.
  • To monitor the impact of the reforms on outcomes.
  • To oversee research commissioned the demand for specialist provision.
  • To ensure coordination and coherence between the 3 work streams.
  • To engage and ensure strong and effective collaboration between partners, including, holding partners to account.


Work Stream 1

Responsible for promoting a fundamental, system-wide, change in culture and practice:

  • Governance and accountability
  • Performance and Management
  • Joint Planning and Commissioning
  • Co-production and person-centred approache
  • Building capacity/workforce development


Work Stream 2

Responsible for engaging with children and young people with SEND, their families and other partners:

  • Communication
  • Co -production


Work Stream 3

responsible for embedding all the key technical changes:

  • Coordinated assessment and planning
  • Local Offer
  • Personal Budgets
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Transitions


A Vision for Swindon

To have better life outcomes from birth to adulthood for Swindon families

We want children and young people with SEND to be happy and successful in their early years, at school and at college, to achieve the best that they can, find employment and go on to live happy and fulfilled adult lives.

We want children and young people with SEND and their families to have choice and control over their support and to instil confidence and trust across the system.



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